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Coney Island gets an AVP tour stop

The AVP (the US pro volleyball tour for those not in the know) is coming to Coney Island this summer! The Daily News has the story: Bump, set, spike! Coney gets pro volleyball event. After noting in the second graph that the sport features tall women in bikinis, the News says:

Hundreds of male and female professional volleyball players will play in the Association of Volleyball Professional Brooklyn Open, Aug. 17-20.

Promoters plan to build a 4,000-seat beachside stadium – as well as 11 outer courts – near the legendary Parachute Jump for the televised event, expected to be officially announced today.

The event is the brainchild of the association’s chief, Leonard Armato, a Brooklyn native who longed to bring the sport to his childhood home.

Blocked out and on my calendar. Awesome!

Smiley girl

Chiara often dislikes being bundled up in her snowsuit, but tonight she seemed to like it just fine!

Smiley girl

Published on Odyssei

A collection of my
travel stories have been published on an adventure travel site out of poland called odyssei. They haven’t been translated to polish, though — that would be cool!

High School Opens Vegetarian Lunch Line

The AP is running a story headlined High School Opens Vegetarian Lunch Line:

The urban Atlanta high school’s vegetarian-only lunch line is believed to be one of the first in the country. It’s an odd birthplace for such a healthy innovation, considering the school is only blocks from the city’s downtown bastions of Southern cuisine, including the fried chicken and fried green tomatoes at the historic Mary Mac’s Tea Room and the fried peach pies at the landmark Varsity restaurant.

Very cool. Changing the world, bite by bite…

Happy New Year

Chiara and monkey

Hope this is your best year yet!

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