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Not a touch typist yet…

Not a touch typist yet...

Valentine’s Dinner 2006

Valentine's Dinner 2006

I was much more time-efficient this year, but still just as messy as in the past. The menu:

  • Butternut squash soup, with fresh sage
  • A loaf of heart-shaped whole wheat raisin walnut bread from Amy’s
  • Mashed Jersey sweet potatoes, with garlic, paprika and crushed almonds
  • Fresh baby pea shoots, served with slices of organic tomato and a fig viniagrette
  • California olives, hand-stuffed with almonds
  • Marinated artichoke hearts
  • Shitake mushrooms, saute├ęd in three wines
  • Lightly crisped tofu with orange cranberry agave sauce

I didn’t use any recipes, but major props to What the hell does a vegan eat anyway? for inspiration. And even bigger props to the true inspiration, my wonderful wife!

43 of Everything

I just discovered the 43 family of websites: 43 Places / 43 Things / 43 People. They’re beautiful things. I don’t mean beautiful aesthetically, though they’re reasonably attractive. I mean beautiful in the sense of the web fulfilling it’s natural destiny of knitting together people and ideas in a way that celebrates our connections and our uniqueness. If I didn’t have to pack for a trip to Florida this weekend, I’d still be wandering, tagging and reading…

I/O Brush

From MIT Media Laboratory, the I/O Brush.

So cool! The idea of painting with “paint” that moves is really interesting.

AVP Players in ‘CSI:Miami’

This might be really cool. Or it might be a showcase for some really bad acting: AVP Players to Appear in ‘CSI:Miami’

The beginning of the show centers around an AVP beach volleyball tournament that “CSI: Miami” investigator Eric Delko (played by actor Adam Rodriguez) is attending. During Misty and Kerri’s match, they accidentally discover a body part in the sand, which stops the match and leads Delko and the rest of the “CSI:Miami” team to investigate. The scene was filmed in Marina del Rey on January 10 where they replicated an actual AVP tournament featuring stands, tents and hundreds of extras.

The episode airs February 6th.

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