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My neighbor Jay caught a burglar the other night. Check the video from the local news… He’s the hero of the building!

The internet is ruined…

“The internet is ruined now. It went the way of TriBeCa…” — my stepmom, upon seeing a streaming video commercial for Lipitor online…


Even my casual acquaintances are likely to know of my love for beach volleyball. (Jeanhee and I took Chiara to her first pro tournament a couple of weeks ago, and my favorite team won it! Congrats, Casey & Matt!)

Brazil is second only to California for beach volleyball talent, so perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising to see a volleyball spinoff emerge from there.

But everything about bossaball is suprising:

Bossaball is a ball game between 2 teams. It’s a variation on the volleyball concept.

The court is a combination of inflatables and trampolines, divided by a net.

Bossaball mixes sports with music. Bossaball referees have a whistle, a microphone, various percussion instruments and a dj set. They referee the game and add riveting tunes to take it to a higher level. They’re the Masters of Ceremony. Players play to the music / The music follows the game.

Bossaball brings elements of capoeira, samba, breakdancing, football, volleyball, acrobacy and circus together on a single pitch.

Rules / Scoring / How to play

Bossaball can be played in teams of 3 or 4 or 5 players. The aim of bossaball is for each team to ground the ball on the opponent’s field. Each team is entitled to a maximum of 8 contacts with the ball on its own field, meanwhile the trampoline jumper gains height to prepare a (spectacular) smash. Any body part can be used. Players can touch the ball only once with their hands, or double touch it with their feet and/or head.

Once a team grounds the ball on the inflatables it gains 1 point. Scoring on the trampolines is worth 3 points. Hitting the bossawall (= the red rings around the trampolines) doesn’t count as a score, so the rally continues.

You crazy, crazy people!

OK, when can I try it?

Videos and more at the official Bossaball website.

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