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Luke Melia

Best Baby Haircut Ever

Email from my wife: “can we do this to huck’s hair if he’s a boy?” along with this link.

Clinic with Casey

Me and Casey Jennings I went out to New Jersey tonight with Zak for a clinic by pro volleyball player Casey Jennings. It was really nice to meet him — really nice guy. He took us through some good warm ups, did a few drills and coached us while we played King of the Beach. Key points for me:

  • When a serve is to your partner, just open up to him first and watch the pass, don’t break for the net right away.
  • Reach up with your non-hitting hand and use it for tracking and then power as you pull it down.
  • Pass just inside of a straight line to the net and get a good wide approach so you can see the court. “Lock in” on a defender so you know whether they move or not.

Casey is in town for the Belmar, NJ stop of the AVP tour. He and his partner won it last year, so they’ve got a title to defend! And it’s his birthday this Sunday. Happy birthday, Casey — go get ’em!

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