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6/16/03, 12:13pm – Mirrors and Milestones

Liz and Anthony spotted my look-a-like playing volleyball in Wisconsin.

I played two days of volleyball tournaments this weekend. On Sunday, Jeanhee and I lost most of our games in a 5-team combined AA/Open pool. The tournament turn-out was small, so it was a good day for our first event playing at that level. We improved as the day went on, split with the other AA team, and also took one from the 2nd-seeded Open team in our best game.

That game began with my best beach dig ever, against a really hard hit that knocked me over as I gave Jeanhee a perfect pass out of my hands. I scrambled up in time to get a kill on her sweet set. We took the next two points on jump-serve aces and we held out lead the rest of the game. The beach dig was especially satisfying because my friend Eric and I had been practicing that exact skill at Chelsea Piers on Friday morning.

I didn’t really mind losing more than we won yesterday. We lost almost every game a year ago this weekend in our first beach tournament together, playing B. We’ve come a long way from there. And we’ll improve a lot more in the next year.

6/10/03, 1:23pm – Seconds

My sister Daniéle led her high school soccer team to their first ever city chamionship game. They lost 2-1 in a game that went to double overtime. Congrats on a great season, Dani!

Jeanhee and I played co-ed AA in a JSVBA tourney this past weekend and captured second place. It was a fun day to be outside and it was a good first outing in AA.

On Saturday, Matt and I ended up playing Open in the pouring rain. That was fun in a let’s-go-crazy, masochistic, kind of way.

Liz and Anthony have a story on Travelin’ Van that you shouldn’t miss from Adams County, Ohio.

On politics, the WMD issue could shape up to be viewed as the most blatant violation of trust of the American people in many years.

And in an example of how my pop-culture ignorance can be funny, at dinner the other night I made reference to the internet video tape of Anna Nicole Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. (The real thing is Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee I discovered…)

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