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Pentop Computer

Via MAKE’s blog, this Fly “pentop” computer looks pretty awesome. Nice promotional website, too. Look forward to trying this out!

First Legal Mountain Bike Trail in NYC

My stepfather has worked for over two years to make this happen, securing grants and negotiating with the city and state, all for his love of the sport. It finally looks real, a 2.5-mile challenging mountain biking trail in the Washington Heights / Inwood area.

The trail will include a black diamond feature, a BMX track, and a challenge trail for younger and/or newer riders. The project will also include the development and installation of trailhead kiosks, trail markers and interpretive signage, natural resources monitoring, landscaping material to replant denuded areas, trail building tools, and educational pamphlets that advocate safety and environmental stewardship.

This is going to bring a lot of people a lot of joy…

Chiara at Three Weeks

chiara at three weeks

She’s getting a little more aware every day… And, if it’s possible, she’s getting cuter, too! More snaps here.

P.S. Props to all of you who were out protesting today. We were thinking of you and share your hopes of ending the violence ASAP.

More Photos

By popular demand, a photo album of Chiara’s first two weeks outside the womb…

Something to say?

Something to say?

Little Miss Chiara hasn’t quite figured out the whole spoken human language thing, but if I had to guess, I would say she’s saying this: “Thanks to all for the incredibly warm welcome into this world, for all the comments, the emails, the presents and the help. You guys are the greatest!”

Siblings and their niece

Siblings and their niece

Chiara with three of her aunts (Jessica, Isabella Monica) and her dad. Tio Willie, Tia Dani… wish you were here!

Change is afoot

Newborn Foot

Chiara Ahnhee Kimelia

Chiara Ahnhee Kimelia

Everyone has been telling me that becoming a parent is the most amazing thing that will ever happen to me. I believed them, but I didn’t really understand.

Now, I do.

Meet my daughter. Shown here at 10 minutes old, with Jeanhee, who has once again aroused my awe and admiration. We named her today.

Chiara. [kee – AH – rah] A name we love, and one that seemed to fit this little one. Jeanhee lived in Italy for a while after college and babysat a four-year-old named Chiara. Yes, it’s Italian and we’re not. But hey…

Ahnhee. [AHN-hee] We asked Jeanhee’s father for a Korean name that called forth the sound of my grandmother Anne‘s name, a wonderful woman who passed away this spring. He came back with this beautiful name. We’ll try to get some more info on the meaning. Update: Grandfather Kim came to visit last night and explained that this name means “comfortable and happy.” He left us renderings of the name in Chinese and Korean characters, too.

Kimelia. [kih-MEEL-yah] A happy alternative to the hyphenation and gender equality issues of modern-day naming.

Baby pictures

Luke and Jeanhee gave us the okay to put these up for everyone’s viewing pleasure. These were all taken this morning. They be up on Luke’s own site as soon as he is able. Enjoy!

Click here for pictures!

P.S. Click the arrows at the top-right of the web page to go to the next page of pictures.


It’s a Girl!!!

This is the one you have all been waiting for!

At 2:42am, Luke reported that Jeanhee and he brought into the world, a “completely adorable” and healthy, 7lb 7oz baby girl. Mom is resting and doing fine. Dad is as happy as can be.

This is all we have at this time. Stay tuned for more details!

–Jessica & Micah

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