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Welcome home, Tim

From today’s Newsday, LI soldier’s final homecoming, about my cousin Tim:

This time in Iraq, Melia said, there were bullets and bombs. People got hurt. Comrades were killed.

“It’s a downer,” he said soberly. “At the same time, you can’t stop and focus on it. You save your mourning until you get home.”

Details of his unit’s daily whereabouts were classified and Melia could rarely phone or write home.

Everyone in the family is relieved that Tim is back in and in one piece. My heart goes out to those who have not been as fortunate and their families.

Whether you think this invasion and nation-building misadventure in Iraq is a good idea or not… war sucks.

Welcome home, Tim. Glad you’re out. I’m sure you’ll be stronger and wiser for all you’ve experienced.

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