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Very Happy Halloween

It was a double good day.

My new Hypno skates arrived. I got the 2003 Stealths. A very sweet upgrade from my previous (also great) 2001 Overlands. More comfortable, and a better feel. I think I’m going to sell the old ones, as they’re still perfectly functional.

The cool thing about Hypnos, in case you’re new to them, is that the chassis/wheels come off the boots. Perfect for New York, where you can skate to the subway, or the food store, or wherever, pop off your wheels, and walk inside.

Speaking of upgrades, I’ve moved to Panther and it’s pretty cool so far. Exposé rocks!

The only serious problem was with Safari. As it tried to launch, it unexpectedly quit. I eventually tracked down the culprit. An old version of Saft, installed at /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins. Once I removed the file Saft.bundle, all was well.

Late night notes

I should be sleeping now… but my girlfriend is across the ocean and it’s hard to get into bed alone, even if my dad is snoring on the couch.

I had dinner with Mary tonight at great new place off Smith Street in Brooklyn. It’s a mexican restaurant called Pacifica on Smith & Pacific. It’s beautiful and cozy and has tasty beans. We spoke of this and that and she recommended Muramaki’s novel, “The Wind Up Bird Chronicle.”

Later, I went to say arrivederci to Dafna and Randy, who are moving to Charlottesville, a city that has a place in my heart. Randy’s been hired to work with the Dave Matthews Band management team there.

At the going away party, I told a Radiohead fan named Sharon about the great article a friend sent me about an experiment involving playing Radiohead for fifth graders.

I’m healing happily from my surgery. Tests confirmed that the cyst was benign (charming phrase isn’t it…) and a quick check from the doctor that the site is doing ok.

On doctor’s orders, I’m off volleyball until next week. I’ve been considering my next goal. I think it’s going to be to win a men’s open tournament. It’s big, it’s audacious, and it will take a hell of a lot of work, which is the point.

I’ve been following the Valerie Plame affair with great interest. Josh Marshall’s Talking Points Memo is a great resource in that regard. My dad just finished Bush’s Brain: How Karl Rove Made George W. Bush Presidential, and is hoping to see this take Rove out, or at least down a notch.

I gave some more money to Dean, and I’m warming to Clark gradually. It seems that the best candidates have surfaced from the field and at this point I’m ready to support whoever gets the nomination.

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