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Luke Melia

Should you find yourself in Portchester, New York…

…before July 14th, 2006, you would do well to follow the path that Jeanhee and Chiara and I followed on Friday night. First, a visit to the Nelson Macker gallery, showing beautiful new paintings by Kristin Breiseth. Second, dinner at Acuario Restaurante, a Peruvian spot just down the street from the gallery. Better than most of the meals I remember from my travels in Peru!

My cousin and barbed wire

My cousin Maryanne reports that she is now a pro at maneuvering over, under, or through barbed wired fences. She’s in Honduras with the Peace Corps. Meanwhile, her sister-in-law Meg is in Mexico teaching at a Montessori school. What a family!

Wall Flip

Is it crazy for me to want to learn How to Run up a Wall and Flip?

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