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Grocery Store Wars

The Star Wars parodies are flying fast and furious, but Store Wars is a keeper, especially if you were raised in a natural foods store like me!

Kickin’ II

I didn’t think it got much more amazing than feeling my future child kick through Jeanhee’s belly, but, well… it does! Tonight, we were relaxing on the couch amidst our small kitchen appliances (we’re sanding and resealing the kitchen counters this weekend…), and Jeanhee pointed to her belly. I went to put my hand on to feel the kicks, and she stopped me. “Just watch,” she said. And so I did.

And then I saw it. A quick jab from the inside of the belly out! “You didn’t do that?” I asked. A silly question, because no one can make her belly do what I had just seen. “Nope,” Jeanhee said, and, eyes wide, I smiled.

On Hallasan

On Hallasan

Hallasan is the volcano at the center of Jeju island, off the southern coast of the Korean peninsula. In truth, it is Jeju island, as the whole thing is the volcanic output of Halla. Anyway, we did a hike part way up the mountain, and were surprised to find a boardwalk at the top, along with a snack shop powered by solar panels and a wind turbine. Pretty cool, except for the disruption of your hiking zen by the throngs slurping down noodles.

Hiking is a very popular activity here. Everyone’s got nice boots and gear, and cellphones seem to work on every peak we visited.

Pics from Korea

Still on the road… Huck, Jeanhee and I are all doing great. We’re done with the resort-y part of the trip on Jeju and have been through Busan, Korea’s second largest city. We’re now in the area that was the seat of the once powerful Silla empire. We just finished a stay at a Buddhist temple that is the home of a martial art called Sunmudo — we were up at four AM today for morning chants, so I’ve got to keep this quick or I’m going to fall asleep in my cube at this PC bang (a type of internet cafe for playing online games — they’re all around here!

Without further ado, some pics from the trip:

A waterfall on Jeju Island


Who likes Uni?

Doors at Buddhist temple

Korean feast

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