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Luke Melia

Getting Ready

Not long now..

100% Organic

Baby Kimono

Someone pointed out that the kimono was upside-down on Huckleberry…

Baby Kimono

Chelsea Market History Lesson

I love the building I work in. It’s breathes creativity and and testifies to it’s vivacity every day I walk through. Now the Times offers a primer on the history of Chelsea Market: From Oreos and Mallomars to Today’s Chelsea Market

AT the National Biscuit Company complex, begun in the 1890’s in what is now west Chelsea, the ovens baked everything from Saltines to Oreos. Those ovens went cold a half century ago, when the company moved out, but newer ovens have been working over the last decade in part of that old complex – at Chelsea Market, from Ninth to 10th Avenue and 15th to 16th Street. A visit to the market offers ghostly evocations of the site’s history.

[via BlogChelsea]

Fab Faux in Rolling Stone

If you haven’t seen the Fab Faux, you’ve got to check them out. Check out this short piece in Rolling Stone:

…the Faux have been a top attraction at the annual Beatle Week in the real Fabs’ hometown of Liverpool. “These are people who had seen the Beatles,” Lee says.
“They tell us, ‘We saw the Beatles many times, and they were never this good.'” He laughs. “That’s kind of hard to take.”

It’s just pure joy to hear that music played live, and played well.

Virtual Street Reality

Whoa. This is amazing. [via engineer2entrepreneur]

New Camcorder

I picked up a digital camcorder in anticipation of Huck’s arrival, and to experiment, put this together in iMovie tonight: Nana’s Fridge [mp4, 5.2MB].

Trust This

On Boing Boing, Cory Doctorow reacts to the rumor that Apple’s upcoming Intel Macs will have Palladium-style DRM baked into the kernel.

So that means that if Apple carries on down this path, I’m going to exercise my market power and switch away, and, for the first time since 1979, I won’t use an Apple product as my main computer. I may even have my tattoo removed.

I feel similarly. Although I don’t have a tattoo…

Beachy Keen

This past weekend, I spent 24 of the weekend’s 48 hours on the beach. Wild! No wonder I’m so beat.

I’ve been trying (with success!) to pack in the beach volleyball before Huck’s arrival. Two weekends ago, I earned my first victory of the summer when my friend Eric and I won the AA division. The past Saturday, my friend Dan got a day off from his new role as a father to play a long tournament that saw us get beat in the finals after an 11 hour tournament. On Sunday, I helped my sister Jessica get her sand legs in her first tournament, and helped her earn a second place in the Co-Ed B division.

Jessie’s manfriend Micah, and my sister Dani accompanied us to the beach and we had lots of fun playing in the ocean, napping in our beach shade and eating all the great fruits that are in season right now.

The next phase begins in about six weeks, give or take a couple. Wow.

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