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Twas the night before

Tomorrow I will marry.

A bewildering array of people I care about are in the middle of nowhere to be part of our wedding. My sister Monica was perhaps the clearest expression of what I felt from so many different people tonight. She came and stood close to me, radiating love with a big smile and was so happy that she was a big part of making tonight’s party a success. Maybe it’s because she’s a child that it shown through her eyes so clearly. I felt enveloped in love tonight, basking in it and in the warm glow of the waxing moon.

Tomorrow I will marry, and I’m deeply ready, truly happy about it. Ready to make my vows. Ready to ritualize the depth of my love for Jeanhee. Ready to deepen the love and strengthen the relationship in a few moments that will be with us forever.

I proposed to Jeanhee on the French Mesa in Santa Rosalia, Mexico. Somehow eight-plus months later, I’m on a farm listening to the crickets mark the moments of a beautiful tonight. A beautiful night before a beautiful day. Tomorrow I will marry.

The tent is up

We’re either getting married or joining the circus…


Rudy Rucker on Coding

I think Rudy Rucker is great.

“Coding a simulation forces a programmer to ponder unexpectedly many issues. God is in the details. One might go so far as to assert that a person doesn’t fully understand something until they’ve written a simulation of it — a precept which has the perhaps too übergeekly corollary that non-programmers don’t fully understand anything!”

via Hack the Planet

Deconstructing the McGreeveys

Everyone is understandably fascinated by the McGreevey resignation, me included. My little sis takes looks at the story from her perspective. She even uses a straw man argument. Fast learning political blogger!

Dan Savage has an interesting take today in Salon. I think my little sister would agree with his perspective, if she read the piece, which she better not ’cause it has bad language!

Heard on the Olympics

I’ve been enjoying watching the summer Olympics so far. The athletes are seriously impressive. The commentators, though, have been impressive, too… impressively ridiculous. Their efforts to dramatize the personalities often fall laughably short. There are some gems, though. Last night, I watched the US Men’s Gymnastics team capture silver in the team competition. During the vaulting an announcer said, and I’m paraphrasing, “At the Olympics, the gymnasts are really focusing on sticking those landings. Most of the time, they’re just thinking, “I hope I don’t die.”

Other notes from the Olympics…

The USA’s qualifying process for beach volleyball needs to be reworked if the best we can do is a men’s team that gets crushed by Canada.

Blaine Wilson has the most impressive comeback I’ve heard of, competing just four months after tearing his bicep in competition.

Out of all the men’s gymnastics teams, the Japanese have the coolest hair.

By the next Olympics, we need a way to stream events online and not be subject to the tv schedule pressures and crazy timings.

The Case Against W

Ron Reagan Jr.’s piece in Esquire is quite good.

Does anyone really favor an administration that so shamelessly lies? One that so tenaciously clings to secrecy, not to protect the American people, but to protect itself? That so willfully misrepresents its true aims and so knowingly misleads the people from whom it derives its power? I simply cannot think so. And to come to the same conclusion does not make you guilty of swallowing some liberal critique of the Bush presidency, because that’s not what this is. This is the critique of a person who thinks that lying at the top levels of his government is abhorrent. Call it the honest guy’s critique of George W. Bush.

Via my stepmom. :-)

Olympic Volleyball

The opening ceremonies have kicked off. Here’s a handy guide to volleyball at the Olympics, both beach and indoor. Note that the TV schedule shows west coast times.

UPDATE: AVP has a beach-volleyball specific TV listing, also Pacific time.

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