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September 4, 2005

Chiara Ahnhee Kimelia

Chiara Ahnhee Kimelia

Everyone has been telling me that becoming a parent is the most amazing thing that will ever happen to me. I believed them, but I didn’t really understand.

Now, I do.

Meet my daughter. Shown here at 10 minutes old, with Jeanhee, who has once again aroused my awe and admiration. We named her today.

Chiara. [kee – AH – rah] A name we love, and one that seemed to fit this little one. Jeanhee lived in Italy for a while after college and babysat a four-year-old named Chiara. Yes, it’s Italian and we’re not. But hey…

Ahnhee. [AHN-hee] We asked Jeanhee’s father for a Korean name that called forth the sound of my grandmother Anne‘s name, a wonderful woman who passed away this spring. He came back with this beautiful name. We’ll try to get some more info on the meaning. Update: Grandfather Kim came to visit last night and explained that this name means “comfortable and happy.” He left us renderings of the name in Chinese and Korean characters, too.

Kimelia. [kih-MEEL-yah] A happy alternative to the hyphenation and gender equality issues of modern-day naming.

15 Responses to “Chiara Ahnhee Kimelia”

  1. Mike Melia chimed in:

    L & J, On Saturday morning on my way to anevent I was waiting in a vehicle by myself and my moother’s presence was so strong. I shared with her about the new child. She is/would be totally honored that you thought so kmuch of her and I am grateful to you both. -Dad Melia

  2. jessica chimed in:

    Grandma would be honored to be remembered by such a beautiful little person. And Chiara will be lucky and proud to carry the memory of such a wonderful woman.

  3. James Abele chimed in:

    wow! Congratulations guys. So now your anniversary will forver be closely followed by a wonderful birthday!

  4. Anonymous chimed in:

    She’s beautiful, and I love the name. I’m glad you went with Kimelia. Congratulations! – Liz

  5. Aunt Dani chimed in:

    Via Chiara is close to where I live in Firenze! A photo to come!

  6. Chris Sanborn chimed in:

    Congrats you guys! Amie and I were on the edge of our seats ahd hoping for the best… which looks and sounds like you got just that. Can’t wait to meet her.

  7. Mike Stickle chimed in:

    She’s absolutely beautiful, and I got a little misty reading about her (which was completely counteracted by reading Jeanhee’s account of her mother calling her “HUGE”). Paul and I send all of our best wishes and so much love to you all. Phoebe and Javier send big wet kisses as well. We look forward to seeing the family.

  8. Elizabeth Angell chimed in:

    How beautiful you both look! Her name clearly suits her. I can’t wait to meet Chiara! xo Liz

  9. Rebecca chimed in:

    “Chiara” was also the first woman Franciscan monk way back in the 13th Century. The daughter of the family I taught English to in Rome has this name as well. I’ve always loved the name, she would tell me that the English equivalent is “Clair”.

    Congrats Luke & Jeanhee!

  10. Mike Melia chimed in:

    Chiara is also a character in “Under the Tuscan Sun” with Diane Lane

  11. dylan chimed in:

    congratulations :)

  12. jenny morris chimed in:

    Congrats!!!! She is BEAUTIFUL! XOXOjen

  13. Susan Reale chimed in:

    Congratulations! That was such a beautiful moment to capture. All the best!!!

  14. jbm chimed in:

    Mazel tov! Congratulations. Welcome to the hardest and most rewarding thing you’ll ever do.

  15. Melanie "Just call me Grandma Melia chimed in:

    Chiara is of course the most beautiful and precious child ever born(OK…after my own 5). You can call me biased if you want…but I don’t think so. I am in love…again! How is it possible for life to be so filled with joy? I am overwhelmed. Welcome Chiara into the most loving family you could possibly have chosen. Seeing Luke and Jeanhee transformed into parents is awesome. XO Grandma

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