Luke Melia


August 8, 2005

New Camcorder

I picked up a digital camcorder in anticipation of Huck’s arrival, and to experiment, put this together in iMovie tonight: Nana’s Fridge [mp4, 5.2MB].

One Response to “New Camcorder”

  1. Willie chimed in:

    While I find Nana’s Fridge to be a rough introduction to the illustrious film career of Luke and Huckleberry, there is a certain something, a desire to document, an excitement to create, that lurks unseen save for the eye’s periphery. I look forward to many more short films, long films, silent movies and close up cliips that are sure to mark the career of Mr. Melia, which shall, in its own turn, leave a mark on the people of this world and on future generations to come. All in all, I would give “Nana’s Fridge” four popcorn boxes out of five and recommend it to all who are like me, intrigued by the mysteries of fridges, both their content and their decorations. Bravo!

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