Luke Melia


May 23, 2005

Grocery Store Wars

The Star Wars parodies are flying fast and furious, but Store Wars is a keeper, especially if you were raised in a natural foods store like me!

3 Responses to “Grocery Store Wars”

  1. dylan chimed in:

    tofu d2. thats pretty funny stuff

  2. Patti chimed in:

    Wow! Luke, I absolutely needed to know this. There’s nothing I can add to your excellent post, except ththanks for letting me see that!

  3. Rahul Mani chimed in:

    These names are so funny.The names are:Cuke Skywalker,Princess Lettuce,Ham Solo,Chewbroccoli,Egg
    troopers(Aleast I think they are!)Obi-Wan Canoli,And Darth Tader.It is so funny I love it.

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