Luke Melia


August 17, 2004

Heard on the Olympics

I’ve been enjoying watching the summer Olympics so far. The athletes are seriously impressive. The commentators, though, have been impressive, too… impressively ridiculous. Their efforts to dramatize the personalities often fall laughably short. There are some gems, though. Last night, I watched the US Men’s Gymnastics team capture silver in the team competition. During the vaulting an announcer said, and I’m paraphrasing, “At the Olympics, the gymnasts are really focusing on sticking those landings. Most of the time, they’re just thinking, “I hope I don’t die.”

Other notes from the Olympics…

The USA’s qualifying process for beach volleyball needs to be reworked if the best we can do is a men’s team that gets crushed by Canada.

Blaine Wilson has the most impressive comeback I’ve heard of, competing just four months after tearing his bicep in competition.

Out of all the men’s gymnastics teams, the Japanese have the coolest hair.

By the next Olympics, we need a way to stream events online and not be subject to the tv schedule pressures and crazy timings.

2 Responses to “Heard on the Olympics”

  1. isa chimed in:

    What about Klete Keller of the USA edging out the Thorpedo in that relay thing? That was awesome.

  2. isa chimed in:

    Although I do love that Aussie.

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