Luke Melia


October 31, 2003

Very Happy Halloween

It was a double good day.

My new Hypno skates arrived. I got the 2003 Stealths. A very sweet upgrade from my previous (also great) 2001 Overlands. More comfortable, and a better feel. I think I’m going to sell the old ones, as they’re still perfectly functional.

The cool thing about Hypnos, in case you’re new to them, is that the chassis/wheels come off the boots. Perfect for New York, where you can skate to the subway, or the food store, or wherever, pop off your wheels, and walk inside.

Speaking of upgrades, I’ve moved to Panther and it’s pretty cool so far. Exposé rocks!

The only serious problem was with Safari. As it tried to launch, it unexpectedly quit. I eventually tracked down the culprit. An old version of Saft, installed at /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins. Once I removed the file Saft.bundle, all was well.

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