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June 10, 2003

6/10/03, 1:23pm – Seconds

My sister Daniéle led her high school soccer team to their first ever city chamionship game. They lost 2-1 in a game that went to double overtime. Congrats on a great season, Dani!

Jeanhee and I played co-ed AA in a JSVBA tourney this past weekend and captured second place. It was a fun day to be outside and it was a good first outing in AA.

On Saturday, Matt and I ended up playing Open in the pouring rain. That was fun in a let’s-go-crazy, masochistic, kind of way.

Liz and Anthony have a story on Travelin’ Van that you shouldn’t miss from Adams County, Ohio.

On politics, the WMD issue could shape up to be viewed as the most blatant violation of trust of the American people in many years.

And in an example of how my pop-culture ignorance can be funny, at dinner the other night I made reference to the internet video tape of Anna Nicole Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. (The real thing is Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee I discovered…)

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  1. dani chimed in:

    thanks Luke! looks like we both got second place… everyone knows second is the best! ;) congrats to you and jeanhee on your tournament

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