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October 21, 2006

My baby can walk

At a party tonight, I told anyone who would listen that my daughter started walking last night. In a separate conversation at the party, a friend urged me to post here more frequently.

So… if you haven’t heard yet… Chiara walked on her own for the first time last night! Jeanhee has more info.

4 Responses to “My baby can walk”

  1. Michael chimed in:

    That was the very last day where you could’ve said with any certainty that you actually knew where your daughter was at any given time (the spot you last put her down).

    From now on, it’s gonna be one long race for you to try to keep up. Best of luck, dude :-)

  2. vicky chimed in:

    my baby started walking today! he’s called jack and is just under 11 months, ive told everyone i know and had to tell someone else too! it’s a great feeling, im so proud!

  3. Hilda Namibia chimed in:

    My baby is one year and one month and she can not walk yet, what should i do

  4. patrick chimed in:

    my daughter is 18 months old and dosnt want to walk. She has taken many steps on her own. The most about 8 to 10 in one try.
    She will walk short distances like one or two steps but when you try to get her to walk to you she makes the decision to crawl.
    She knows how to walk and can walk if she is holding onto something but i cant get her to do it on her own. She also goes cross
    eyed sometimes. usually when she is really tired and she is look far away 5 to 10 feet. Her one eye will be looking at you and
    the other will be off in space. She is speaking fine and knows how to do alot of things. She understand the word no and stop.
    She can play patty cake with you and peek a boo. She can give you a kiss when u ask her to and she speaks fine saying probly
    8-10 words. I am very concerned that there is something wrong. We noticed a nice 1 inch dent in the back of her head and i
    dont know if this has anything to do with that. She has fallen out of her crib once when we put her down for a nap. I need some
    help. Other than that her motor skills seem to be fine. She is fun loving and is happy most of the time. She is very content
    with herself.

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