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February 22, 2006

Installing subversion at pair

Here are the steps I followed to install a local copy of subversion on a shared hosting account at You should use the latest release of subversion, which you can link to from here. At the time of this writing, that was 1.3.0.

user@machine% mkdir src 
user@machine% cd src 
user@machine% wget
user@machine% tar -xzvf subversion-1.3.0.tar.gz
user@machine% cd subversion-1.3.0
user@machine% ./configure --prefix=$HOME --without-berkeley-db --with-zlib --with-ssl
user@machine% make
user@machine% make install

You will want to make sure that $HOME/bin is part of your PATH, too. You may need to run

user@machine% rehash

to get your shell session to see svn.

That’s it! May your commits be prodigious and your updates clean…

11 Responses to “Installing subversion at pair”

  1. Jeff chimed in:

    This worked like a charm. Thanks for the help!

  2. Dinesh chimed in:

    It worked! It worked. Thanks. I was searching for this everywhere.

  3. Ryan chimed in:

    +1. thanks!

  4. Tracy Smith chimed in:

    Did you happen to document the steps you took on the client end as well as what command line you used to start the svn server? I assume you are using svnserve since you are on I’ve installed svn from your instructions which work great, but now I’m having trouble connecting from my client on my Mac.

  5. Chris chimed in:

    Thanks for the info – Just an FYI, the latest Subversion v1.4.0 isn’t getting past the ./configure script – getting this error:

    checking for linking Python libraries…
    checking for apr_int64_t Python/C API format string…
    configure: error: failed to recognize APR_INT64_T_FMT on this platform

    I am able to build and use v1.3.2 just fine. Thanks again!

  6. Hari chimed in:

    Dude, this worked for me on blue host

  7. lukemelia chimed in:

    Tracy: These steps are for the client end. AFAIK, you can’t run a svn server on pair, unfortunately. I use a account to run my SVN server. They make it pretty easy.

  8. Luke Melia » Capistrano and your shell chimed in:

    […] I’ve just started to use Capistrano to deploy my non-rails sites and ran into a bit of trouble. My web host for these sites is, and I’d already installed the subversion client there. […]

  9. Omar chimed in:


    I’m hosting my website with Bluehost and I’m trying to set up Subversion. I have apply the set of instructions above and also I have already apr, apr_util, and neon install but when running “make” is giving me the following symbol read problem:

    l -lpthread -ldl -lz
    /usr/lib/ could not read symbols: File in wrong format
    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
    make: *** [subversion/libsvn_subr/] Error 1

    I’ll really appreciate any help from you guys.

    Att. Omar Figueroa

  10. markus chimed in:

    I also have the APR_INT64_T_FMT error :(

  11. Anonymous chimed in:

    How can I use authz to have user-level access to my repo?

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