Luke Melia


January 20, 2005

Inaugurate This

Dear Mr. President,

I hoped fervently that it wouldn’t be you getting inaugurated today. You are dragging this country, with half of us kicking and screaming, in the wrong direction. Away from reason, toward faith. Away from peace, toward war. Away from open arms, toward closed borders. Away from justice, toward military tribunals. Away from ecological sanity, toward environmental destruction. Away from allies, toward arrogance. Away from humanity, toward torture. Away from building an economy for the next generation, toward astronomical deficits.

So, on the occasion of your inauguration, I’d like to be the first of many to wish you a hearty “go to hell!” I hope your forty million dollar ego boost makes you secretly feel like crap inside.

Your kicking, screaming citizen,

P.S. You should ditch this Social Security “reform” idea. A bunch of people checked it out, and it turns out There is No Crisis.

P.P.S. Can you do something about making really high speed internet access available to everyone free? That would totally rock.

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