Luke Melia


December 27, 2004


I used to just think that tsunami was a cool word. Today’s news puts some somberness into it. Here’s a first hand account: An Experience Of Living Through A Tsunami.

  As we watched it became apparent that the sea was behaving very oddly. Waves were not breaking as normal. The sea appeared to be surging. One such surge practically emptied what we could see of the bay. This was followed by the sea moving repidly back into the bay and reaching right up to the promanade area (and possibly beyond). Usually the sea is a good 50M away from theis area. At no time could we make out any people.

  The whole scene had a surreal feel to it. There were people, like my wife and myself, gazing on the scene from our balconies. There was no panic. No one seemed to believe what we were seeing. Around 10:40 I went down to reception and asked what had happened. Again there was no panic, just puzzlement and the explanation of a ‘big wave’. It just seemed as though this was something that happened every now and again.

And here’s a blog entry from Phuket, Thailand, where I visited a couple of years back.

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