Luke Melia


February 17, 2004


Today in NYC, Alex Rodriguez is everywhere. The A-Rod hoopla prompted Bill Maher’s comparison of Major League Baseball and national politics.

Apple’s got a page of RSS Feeds. I love RSS. NetNewsWire is a daily habit. But I’m up to 52 feeds now, and I’m starting to feel the overload factor again. I wonder what’s next? I just discovered NetNewsWire’s folder grouping feature. Maybe that will help…

3 Responses to “Overload”

  1. Monica chimed in:

    The U.S.’s best team just got better. As long as A-Rod keeps his paws off of Derek Jeter’s position, he should be a nice addition to the team. =)

  2. Choire chimed in:

    52? You lightweight. We’re gonna have to toughen you up.

  3. Dani chimed in:

    let’s go yankees!

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