Luke Melia


January 26, 2004

State of the Union and Election

“I think I must have been out of the room INJECTING STEROIDS when Bush updated us on the Road Map to Peace.” Get Your War On’s take on the Dubya speech.

On NPR this morning, a Bush supporter explained why she thought the war was justified despite the new WMD-less statements of David Kay. She explained that “a lot more people died on 9/11.” The program host noted, “that was 9/11, this is Iraq.” The woman responded, “I know, I know, but I just feel like they’re all sort of grouped. You know, like the KKK here.”


I hate to kick a guy while he’s down, but my support of Dean has wavered of late. I love his campaign, but am not clear to what extent he is running it or understands it. I saw Edwards speak on TV over the weekend. Very impressive. He might be my new favorite.

I think I’d be fairly happy with Kerry, Edwards, Clark or Dean in the White House. But then, I thought I’d be only mildly disappointed with Bush when he took office. Boy was I wrong about that one…

4 Responses to “State of the Union and Election”

  1. Dad chimed in:

    just in case you thought nobody was listening . . . the Steroids Cartoon is worth its weight in gold . .

  2. Michael Melia chimed in:

    A Pre Comment: Kerry is the winner in NH – Dean in 2nd … I think Edwards is looking better and better all the time –Prediction: It’s all about who shows up best on live television —let’s go Yankees

  3. Monic a chimed in:

    Well, this might (no, it will) sound prejudiced: I don’t know if I can take another president with a southern accent. DEAN AND/OR KERRY FOR PRESIDENT! On a serious note, (and this is based on my small knowledge of politics) I think Kerry has the leadership to pull this country out of Bush’s slump. Although Dean has interesting new ideas and some obvious experience with healthcare, budgets, etc etc, I think he needs to calm down.
    (P.S. Let’s go Yankees indeed.)

  4. dylan chimed in:

    no no no, you guys have it all wrong its supposed to be LETS GO METS.

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