Luke Melia


January 21, 2004

Mexico pics

One of the pleasures of maintaining this site is that sometimes a simple task will prompt an absurd amount of work. Putting up my pictures from Mexico unexpectedly led to 1) upgrading iPhoto and buying iLife ’04 (the real draw for me was GarageBand!), 2) discovering iPhotoToGallery, a slick export plug-in for iPhoto that makes uploading new albums to your website a snap… if you’re running Gallery, 3) installing Gallery, 4) importing my photos from Slooze to Gallery, and 5) customizing the hell out of Gallery to make it fit into my site in a pleasing way.

So… I hope you enjoy the pictures of Mexico as much as I enjoyed taking them, and putting them up on the site!

2 Responses to “Mexico pics”

  1. anthony chimed in:

    damn yo, you’re upping the stakes. or raising the bar. or something.

    still, when consuelo rears her head, none shall resist. except, perhaps, most.

  2. kagome chimed in:

    mexico rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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