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November 25, 2003


You probably know the the anniversary of JFK’s assassination was this past weekend. Some rememberances:

“I believe in human dignity as the source of national purpose, human liberty as the source of national action, the human heart as the source of national compassion, and in the human mind as the source of our invention and our ideas.” -JFK

Quote via Anita Roddick.

Salon has a long but interesting piece on Kennedy, Vietnam and Iraq.

MSNBC quantifies the admiration for our fallen hero.

I remember doing a school report on President Kennedy in grade school. I went to our encyclopedia under K, and found the entry for John Fitzgerald Kennedy. To my surprise, it listed nothing about him being president, only a senator. It was this experience, along with the mysterious missing “S” volume, that prompted my mom to buy a new set of encyclopedias to replace the ones she had used as a child.

2 Responses to “JFK”

  1. Papa Mike-san chimed in:

    Catching up on your blog (easy to do) JFK — Still the best leader of the USA since FDR . . . Commanded respect — My Favorite Kennedy quote — “the job of the artist in a free society is to tell the truth the way they see it and let the chips fall where they may.” Amherst College, 1963

  2. Mom chimed in:

    I feel compelled to relay a correction on the World Book situation. My childhood set, that seems to have contributed somewhat to the education of my children, was circa late 1950s. Therefore, JFK was still alive and not yet President. During this time period, that information was correct. Our “new” set, circa 1991 (quite a time warp) was found in boxes on the street in Sea Cliff. I wonder how this will affect Isabella and Monica’s world view. Wonder if I need to let Luke, Willie, and Jess know about JFK.

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