Luke Melia


August 13, 2003


I’m working late tonight, doing some interesting stuff automating Microsoft Excel via .NET. Well, maybe it only seems interesting because the alternative is going to deal with my laundry.

Tonight is my first “free” time in quite a while. I’ve had plans of one sort or another nearly every weekend this summer and most of the remaining weeknights. Mostly it’s volleyball that’s occupying this time, so I’m not complaining.

My dad is following a path of his youth, the California coast, but now as a father, snug in a sedan with my brother and two of my sisters. I’m half-expecting to see one of them show up on the list of hundreds of candidates for Governor…

Jeanhee is off today to the lower part of that disarrayed state, attending a journalism conference.

Dylan is home from the hospital; he IM’d me today at work — a very happy distraction!

BTW, it sure seems that breaking domino records would be a lot easier if it weren’t for the damn cockroaches.

And… added to my list of airlines not to fly on: MyTravel

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  1. rich chimed in:

    if you are interested in excel manipulation and want to use open source instead of .net, then take a look at POI

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