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February 8, 2003

2/8/03 – 12:47 am – War? Work? Volleyball? Vacation.

I’m frustrated with the war plans. I’m bitter. I’m pissed off.

Powell made the case in front of the UN that Saddam and his cadre are lying, cheating militants. But my dad had already convinced me of that. I don’t want to be part of the deaths of hundreds (thousands? more?) of Iraqi civilians. I don’t want my tax money going to support a military bent on preemptive nuclear strike. I don’t want my military spending money that we don’t have bombarding Iraq with more artillery on Day 1 of a war than the country saw in the entire Gulf War. Not in my name! The response to Powell’s speech by International ANSWER is worth a read.

Work has taken a turn for the more interesting lately. Getting the hang of the ASP.NET / C# stuff. Getting an introduction to the fascinating world of television I.T., too.

Week 2 of our volleyball season was rough. We dominated our first game, and then got crushed in games 2 and 3. It was fairly demoralizing. After some soul-searching and strategizing, we won two out of three in Week 3’s games. We should end up some where in the top three when the standings come out Monday.

On the sand volleyball front, I had one of my best nights last Tuesday. I stepped onto the court with the attitude that I was going to play my best game, no matter who I am playing with or up against. My level of play was perhaps the highest it’s been, and my jump serves and hits we’re coming in hard and reliably. I enjoying playing sand even when I have a bad day, but when it all works, it’s pure joy!

I’m on hiatus from those parts of my life though. I’m officially on vacation, and will fly tomorrow to Denver with Jeanhee. We’re visiting her friend there and doing some snowboarding/skiing/wiping out on the slopes there. Woo-whee!

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  1. Luke chimed in:

    BTW… although I’ll be on vacation, I’ll be attending the February 15th antiwar protest in Colorado Springs. Please consider attending one in whatever city you’ll be near…

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