Luke Melia


January 23, 2003

1/23/02, 11:19 pm – The Underdogs Prevail

It’s that time again.

Well, yes, time for the city air to be so cold that it feels like it’s peeling your cheeks off. This morning, I wafted into wakefulness, attempting to rally myself to get up and ready to go to work, only to hear NPR report that today was expected to be the coldest day in New York in two years. Ugg. But that’s not the time I’m talking about….

It’s time for a new volleyball season. As you might recall, we have a bit of a change of characters. Rebecca, Liz & Anthony are moving on to various adventures. They needed damn good excuses to get off the team, but I do believe they’ve come up with winners. Joining “One Team, Under Dog” is the illustrious and talented (and hot!) Jeanhee, Kentucky boy himself Matt, and the newcomer to the NYC volleyball scene, Sonja.

In our first match tonight, against “Serve Ace! Ah…” (Get it? Español for beer…), Sonja and Jeanhee proved themselves awesome additions to the team. We beat the beer three games to none and successfully ran a 6-2 offense. All this, and we’re up one division from last season. Pretty exciting!

I’m off now to sniffle, sneeze, watch the snow fall, and be really happy I have a warm place to be tonight.

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