Luke Melia


December 14, 2002

12/14/02, 12:02am – Lott Should Resign

We interrupt your regularly scheduled volleyball playoff news to bring you a political rant.

The extent of Trent Lott’s racism has been coming to light recently, and it’s disgusting. Talking Points Memo is a blog that’s done an excellent job covering all the dirty details, including uncovering the amicus brief Trent Lott filed on behalf of Bob Jones University back in 1981, when Lott was in the House.

“If racial discrimination in the interest of diversity does not violate public policy, then surely discrimination in the practice of religion is no violation,” Lott asserts in the brief, trying to help Bob Jones U. regain its tax-exempt status despite it’s racist policies.

This may not be as damning as his endorsement of Thurmond’s candidacy, or his association with racist organizations and people, but it’s not too hard to connect the dots.

I think the guy should resign from the Senate altogether. Really, that’s up to the people of Mississippi. I’m afraid that they knew full well what they were getting when they elected Lott, and are more upset at his apologies than his prejudice.

If getting rid of him isn’t an option, his colleagues in the Senate should do everything they can to keep a man with such dangerous beliefs about racial equality out of positions of power.

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