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November 15, 2002

11/15/02, 12:15 am – But It’s Looking Like 1984

Copy of a message I just sent to my Senators and Congressman:

Dear ___________,

I understand from a New York Times editorial today (“You Are Suspect” by William Safire, 11/14) that the Homeland Security Act includes provisions for the government to begin collecting an extensive amount and wide variety of data on American citizens. I strongly object to legalizing such an Orwellian concept and encourage you to make sure the bill gets amended before passage.

Thanks for your attention to this critical issue.

3 Responses to “11/15/02, 12:15 am – But It’s Looking Like 1984”

  1. anthony chimed in:

    Nice one. I sent Senator Clinton a considerably meaner email yesterday about the Bush’s Iraq War Resolution. She sent me a press release, explaining, basically, how and why she’s decided to become a Republican. Sigh.

  2. Luke chimed in:

    Follow up Letters to the Editor from Safire’s editorial are here.

  3. Luke chimed in:

    Now the NY Times editorial board encourages congressional action, too.

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