Luke Melia


October 2, 2002

10/2/02, 11:38 am – Tojo’s

I fly out to Seattle today. Jeanhee and I are going to help Rich celebrate his wedding, and taking a day-and-a-half trip to Vancouver while we’re at it. I’ve never been to that part of the country, but I’m pretty excited. I’ve been listening to an excellent Seattle radio station, KEXP over the internet and chatting with friends about the area.

We’re staying with friends and in Priceline-bought hotels and found great airline tix ($150 roundtrip), so we’re going to splurge on dinner in Vancouver to celebrate Jeanhee’s birthday.

The restaurant, recommended by friends, is a Japanese place called Tojo’s. Their site is worth a look. The “About Tojo’s” page is particularly amusing.

I made a reservation online and got a confirmation email back fairly quickly from Paul. Should I be surprised that the person who confirms my online reservation has a website quoting a description of himself as “a poet with a paradoxical background”…? Or that he was an early and active member of The WELL?

Couple that with the amazing food photos on their site, and I suspect we’re in for a treat!

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