Luke Melia


September 28, 2002

9/28/02, 8:27 pm – Fourth Time’s a Charm

Matt and I managed to win a game today as we dropped the other five games of pool play today. The good part, though, is that we got to play together. It’s our fourth attempt this summer. The other three were foiled by flakiness by one party or the other coupled Matt’s cell-phone-less status. But we managed to put it together the last tournament weekend of the summer, and that gives me all kinds of faith in the universe’s wacky ways.

It was gorgeous today. Rough surf under a blue sky and an unseasonably hot sun beaming down on an eerily flat beach which had been wet down by yesterday’s storm. After the tournament, Matt, Jeanhee, Liz and I played in the surf, getting knocked down by some waves and foiling others by diving underneath them.

Back to the beach tomorrow for the official end of the summer volleyball season.

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