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September 26, 2002

9/26/02, 2:20 am – As American As…

Today, apple pie was the first thing I ate and the last thing I ate. The breakfast apple pie was leftovers, and the dessert was at Bubby’s with Mary.

I like apple pie. Makes me feel proud to be American.

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Rehnquist, Norton et al. don’t make me proud — they make me scared. I’m scared that they will erase decades of progress in our civil liberties and fast-forward decades toward environmental ruin.

But most of all, I’m scared that they’ll get us into a war that goes out of control. That’s where the unilateral track could take us. If we declare to the world that we’re going to war against Iraq, the world’s opinion be damned, then we’ll see other countries act in the same fashion. We saw it this week, with Israel’s assertion that it will retaliate if attacked by Iraq.

After 9/11, a theory circulated that bin Laden’s goal was to incite a war between the Arab world and the West. If there’s truth to that, it seems like we should be treading more lightly.

See? A couple of pieces of apple pie and I get all political. Be careful of that stuff.

5 Responses to “9/26/02, 2:20 am – As American As…”

  1. dylan chimed in:

    did you hear what bush said yesterday i think it was. something about the democratic members of congress not being concerned with the public safety of americans? amazing i say.

  2. rich chimed in:

    might as well say it here to =P


    (Doh = Decline of the hegemony)

  3. Kashei chimed in:

    Yes, how absolutely ‘unilateral’ of Israel to be so silly as to think it can retaliate when attacked without getting the express permission of the United Nations. I think it should first and foremost confer with the head of the Human Rights Commission, Lybia. If Ghaddafi approves THEN Israel should be allowed to retaliate. As for what Bush said, it was blown completely out of proportion and it applied to Homeland Security not defense.

  4. Luke chimed in:

    Despite the dripping sarcasm, you’re right — asserting a right to self-defense is not a sign of the checks and balances of the world falling apart. Bush’s hawkish world outlook certainly doesn’t encourage Sharon to look hard for peaceful solutions to the awful situation in Israel, though. A better example of the threat of unilateral preemptive strikes becoming acceptable is the India-Pakistan tensions.

  5. Kashei chimed in:

    I’m sorry if I use sarcasm to get my point across. It’s just unbelieveable to me that anyone can believe that Bush is a hawk or that Sharon isn’t doing enough to foster peace. There is a serious problem with the world when the people that war is being waged on have to explain why and how they defend themselves. Why are we half asleep (if not completely unconcious) to the fact that the threat is not America and it’s not Israel.

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