Luke Melia


July 26, 2002

The World Spins

It’s been a spell.

Indoor volleyball is back. Our team has a new name, “One Team, Under Dog.” Pretty catchy, eh? We won two out of three last night, including the last one 16-14. We could have taken all three if our serving was better, but overall we played well, better than most of last season, I think. My vertical’s improved a lot from beach play, which added some oomph to my hitting and blocking.

The team had dinner after, and got very silly, mimicing Rebecca’s physical therapy exercises (head movements like a chicken’s) in the restaurant. It crossed my mind that I’m now 25 and still have goofy, fun nights like the ones I had in high school and college. I mistakenly believed that those would dry up with the years, but I guess they won’t. What a pleasant surprise!

Saw an amazing film the other night: The Fast Runner: Atanarjuat. It’s a film made from an Inuit myth and shot up in the Arctic. Worth seeing for sure.

Had dinner with my mom, grandma, Mike, Jess and the little girls (not so little anymore!) on Sunday. My sister Dani is Spain, taking classes and soaking up the culture. Jessica is in New York for the summer, and my dad’s on his way to the city soon. Everyone wishes Will lived closer by. I think occasionally about living abroad again, and about living on the West Coast sometime. Having family within striking distance is pretty damn cool, though.

Enough rambling, enough writing, enough thought-pixels splattered across the screen. Tonight I leave for Fire Island, and there’s work to be done before then.

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