Luke Melia


May 23, 2002

5/23/02, 2:21 am

Up late blogging when I ought to be getting my volleyball beauty sleep. Ah well, I’ll try to make it quick.

I saw a play tonight with Mary (a wise, zen friend), Judy (the two-time Emmy Award winner) and Dani (my favorite teenage girl in New York city). The play, at the Cherry Lane Theatre in the West Village, is called “Sixteen Wounded.” It’s very well-written, well-acted and extraordinarily timely, dealing with a Palistinean and a Jew and their friendship in Amsterdam. Judy’s partner, Ed, is in it and does an excellent job. It’s on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7 pm. See it if you can. (If you need pushing over the edge, it’s only $15.)

Caught up with Elbert last night over tacos, and retrieved Singapore Devi, the guitar that Aji’s girlfriend gave me. It’s sharing my plane ticket to South America.

I listened to Moby’s new album a lot today and when I got home tonight, I was inspired to do some recording. Came up with a drum track on the drum machine (tried to steal the patter from “We Are All Made of Stars”), converted it to a keyboard MIDI drum track (’cause I can’t figure out single-note MIDI playback with the drum machine), then added some etherial organ melody as a MIDI track. Recorded some lead guitar over that. Found a poem in a notebook of mine from the summer 1996 and adapted some lyrics.

Wake up in a bed no longer your own
you don’t feel right
you don’t feel at home
oh no

I recorded a bunch of variations of that, then a simple bass guitar track. The cool thing is that it’s unlike any music I’ve made before. The not cool thing is that it’s more of a riff or a jam than a song at this point. It has no shape or ending or tension really. Hopefully, I can incorporate it into song sometime.

That’s it. Bedtime for Bonzo…

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