Luke Melia


March 29, 2002

3/29/02, 3:19 am

Gorgeous spring day today. I enjoyed it with a trip to my foot doctor. I took a cab over there and bounced into the office on crutches, but I was pretty sure I’d walk out of there. Sure enough, I’m off ’em, and walked up Greenwich Ave. in the clear sunshine, over to my office. I’m cleared to play volleyball again in time for the spring season, provided I can get some sort of ankle support by then.

The doc identified my bunions as a causal factor in my injuries. He suggested I consider surgery to fix up my feet. That’s not very appealing to me, but neither is reinjuring my foot again. Something else that would help is orthotics (shoe inserts), but my insurance doesn’t cover them, and they’re around $400. Interesting choices ahead, I guess. Or should I say, afoot? I know, I know, I’m corny.

Get it? Corny…

Anyway, I had a nice meeting in the park with my boss over lunch, and am feeling relatively good about work. I bet I’d feel that way everyday if I had lunch in the park in the sunshine everyday.

I had a nice chat with Rich the other night on AIM. His username is still all over the stuff he worked on, so it almost seems like he’s still around the office. He’s happy in Seattle with his sweetie and is working for a biotech company that does protein memetics.

We’re joining a new volleyball league for the spring season. Big City. The change of pace will be nice. I’m looking forward to it and to the team. I have a feeling we’re going to get pretty good this season. Looking forward to playing in some more tournaments, too. Maybe some beach games.

Tonight, Elbert and I recorded my new song. It’s a rough take, but I love how it’s sounding so far. Guitar, vocals, bass, and drums. I’ll get an mp3 posted here in the next few days. Probably going to redo the guitar (my first time playing with a click track, and it didn’t go as smoothly as could be desired), maybe add some organ, and perhaps get some harmonies going. Then, we’ll probably do another version remixing the whole thing with a house beat, just for the hell of it. Elbert’s been a great mentor on the digital audio stuff, as well as composing in general.

I feel like a rockstar. A rockstar who can walk without crutches. Woo hoo!

But even pedestrian rock stars must sleep…

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