Luke Melia


February 27, 2002

2/27/02, 2:15 am

I had an odd experience this morning. I had to do a load of laundry and so I pulled myself out of bed and groggily dressed and prepared a basket of clothes. While I was walking out of my door, a friend popped into my head. She lives in another state and I don’t see her too often these days. I had no idea what made me think of her. Along with the thoughts came an overwhelming desire to give her a big hug.

I sort of brushed it off, figuring what was going on was that I wanted a big hug from her, and that’s why I thought of her. Later, at work, I sent her an instant message. Turns out that she’s going through a bit of a rocky time and really could use a hug. She also mentioned that I was in her dream last night.

How do I explain that? How do I fit it into my view of reality? Coincidence? Sure seems like something more profound to me… but I really don’t know where to put that thought in my rational head…

I guess I’ll file it under “unresolved.” Whew, that drawer’s getting a pretty full.

I traveled long around the world
Now I’m home and feeling blue
I’ve seen it all, and just want to know
Can I rest my tired eyes on you?

It’s gotten dark in the city
And it’s darker in this bar
How about you brighten my day?
Won’t you open your heart?

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