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December 23, 2001

12/23/2001, 1:50 am, Long Island

12/23/2001, 1:50 am, Long Island

I have no responsibilities.

Left work at around seven last night. I was the last one there on my floor by at least an hour. Trying to get the last of my project handled, and cleaning up my workspace. It felt very strange walking out of the building. I didn’t have that “I’m now on vacation for a month” relief feeling initally. Now, though, it’s starting to kick in.

After work, and before packing for my trip, I had drinks (OJ & club soda for me) with a bunch of friends at Max Fish in the lower east side. The friends were now a majority ex-O2 employees and a handful of current employees. Evidence of moving time. After, went for japanese food with Jess and G., and talked of blogging among other topics. One funny bit: He once had an offer by someone to post to his blog while he was on vacation.

I left Manhattan today for Long Island and I won’t be back until I return from Asia in late January. In some ways I feel like my trip had already begun. I’ve at least begun living out of my backpack as I will for the next 28 days. I succeeded in packing very light, and decided to ditch a pair of shoes so I just have my boots and Tevas. So it’ll be me and my travel pack (that has a zip-off day pack) and the clothes on my back. I’ll have to weigh the pack at the airport. I’m curious. I’m seriously considering buying a cheap guitar while I’m on the road, just to have something to play.

The thwarted plane bombing attempt I read about tonight has me a little rattled, but not enough to change any plans.

I’m going to sleep before three tonight, for a change. Being in a house of sleeping people makes it tough to stay up too late. You have to worry about being quiet too much… Plus, it’s a well-known fact that sleep is contagious. Yawn…

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