India-Letters: Welcome


Dear friends,

Welcome to the beginning of an adventure!

As many of you know, I leave for India on May 3rd. I'll be living
in Bangalore, in the south of India, until sometime in late 1999.

I've put together this e-mail list to have an outlet for my stories
and experiences and let my friends taste a piece of India and living
abroad for themselves.

There will be lots of blanks to fill in along the way, but let me
tell you what I know for sure. I'll be living in Bangalore with
Meeta, who has been in India since September, living in the north.
Through friends of friends, she has lined up a furnished 3-bedroom
flat in Bangalore for us to rent. I'll be doing some web consulting
for Upline & Network Marketing Lifestyles magazines. I also plan to
do some freelance journalism, writing for magazines here in the US,
especially on Bangalore's thriving technology sector.

Beyond that, the future is wide open. I'm excited to explore Bangalore
and the surrounding areas, learn how to cook Indian food, understand
what it's like to be an American living there, and have some time for

I don't yet know how frequently I'll send mail or how good my Internet
access will be, but I'll do my best to tell my stories, whether they
are pecked out on my PowerBook (a 2400c for the techies out there) or
from a cybercafe computer. And please feel free to write back with
questions, hellos, news in your life, or anything at all. I'll love
the mail.

One last thing. This list was put together informally from requests,
perusals of back e-mail, and conversations I've had. If you want to be
removed, changed to a new address, or know someone who should be on the
list, just e-mail me and I'll take care of it.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step... onto a
Boeing 747 for a 20-hour trip. :)

Much love & respect,