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December 29, 2007

pdf-storycards 0.0.1 Released – my first gem

I just released pdf-storycards 0.0.1, my first gem! Thanks to Ryan Davis for hoe, which made it a much easier process, and to Jacob Harris & Geoffrey Grosenbach for teaching me how to use hoe in their PDF and blog post respectively.

pdf-storycards version 0.0.1 has been released!

* <>


Provides a script and library to parses stories saved in the RSpec
plain text story format and saves a PDF file with printable 3″x5″
index cards suitable for using in agile planning and prioritization.


* Create a PDF with each page as a 3×5 sheet, or as 4 cards per 8.5 x 11 sheet
* Currently reads stories from a single file.
* TODO: Take a directory and find all stories in it
* TODO: Take stories via STDIN
* TODO: Improve test coverage

/usr/local/bin/stories2cards /path/to/stories.txt


StorycardPdfWriter.make_pdf(“/tmp/stories.txt”, “/tmp/storycards.pdf”, :style => :card_1up)



## 0.0.1 / 2007-12-27

* Initial release

* <>

UPDATE: My colleague Bryan Helmkamp has reinvented this project for 2009 using cucumber and prawn: features2cards.

3 Responses to “pdf-storycards 0.0.1 Released – my first gem”

  1. Ken Judy chimed in:

    Great to see you put that beautiful mind to some of the minutae of running a team. I expect you to continue to find ways to make my life easier.

  2. Aslak Helles√ły chimed in:

    What a cool little tool. Some suggestions:

    * When I pass more than one file (stories2cards add_user add_user2) I get:
    Note to developer: requested section(s) [usage] not found
    This file was generated by RubyGems.

    The application ‘pdf-storycards’ is installed as part of a gem, and this
    file is here to facilitate running it.

    * What’s RDoc::usage doing in bin/stories2cards?
    * Lose –output and instead rely on the user specifying a file to redirect to (using >). More in the spirit of Unix tools.
    * Don’t add smart logic to alter the narrative. We’re likely to add support for other languages, and your language logic will never be smart enough.
    * Make it more embeddable so it can be integrated with a Ruby webapp that serves PDFs

    Looking forward to how this evolves!!

  3. luke chimed in:

    glad to meet you by internet, i just input :luke in google,then i find you , haha, my english i s also luke.
    i am a Chinese guy who is a college student,
    have a nice day!

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