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September 23, 2007

Agile “cheat” Sheet

Fellow New Yorker Agilist Dave Laribee made a present for us. A cheat sheet for Agile as a PDF:

Sure you’ve got the ReSharper 3.0 cheat sheet taped to your monitor, but what do you have that’s reminding you of values and principles? You need an Agile cheat sheet!

Luckily I’ve got one for you right here! Print it out and put it in your team room, tack it to your task board, and tape it to your monitor.

We’ve had the homepage taped up to the wall of our team room for a while now, too, and it’s a nice reminder.

The point of the post isn’t just to encourage you to follow Dave’s lead, though. You can figure that out on your own…

I checked to see if there was a version of this already for “cheat”, the command line ruby wiki cheat sheet thing. There wasn’t.

Now, there is!

$ gem install cheat
$ cheat agile

Happy software crafting…

One Response to “Agile “cheat” Sheet”

  1. Dave chimed in:

    That is SWEET!

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