Luke Melia


March 26, 2007

Take Back the Web

A pleasant night of blog-reading and hacking turned sad and distressed when I read Kathy Sierra’s account of the awful threats against her. Warning: this is a disturbing read. But it’s real life on the web everyday. And it’s not OK.

When I was in college, my girlfriend was an impassioned feminist. One of the events she participated in every year was called “Take Back the Night.” It was a nighttime walk through the city of Charlottesville, ending in a candlelight vigil. The message was simple and clear: women should be able to safely walk the streets of the city after dark; there are places where that’s not possible, and we’re not going to stand for that.

I don’t know how it translates exactly, but we need a movement like that for the web. We need to demand a safe space for women and call out, expose and expel people who dole out threats.

3 Responses to “Take Back the Web”

  1. Take back the web chimed in:

    […] Today was not a good day for the internet. First I read Seth’s post, then Kathy’s sad and upsetting story directly. Then countless others… […]

  2. macournoyer chimed in:

    I think the problem is ppl should understand that you can’t say all that you want on the internet as in real life. But I don’t see this happening anytime soon.

  3. d chimed in:

    That’s what happens when people have too much time on their hands. Thanks for sharing this, Luke. Very scary but good to know about.

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