Luke Melia


December 30, 2005

Life As You Know It

My friend The Mighty Geek told me last night, “Your blog is becoming a daddy blog!” And it’s true, I’ve been pretty focused lately on figuring out what Jeanhee and I have gotten ourselves into, how to help the munchkin grow up happy and healthy, and how my life as I knew it fits into all of that.

Tonight, I watched a short film called “Life As You Know It” about some creative parents of my generation and how they’re navigating these waters. It’s part of some advertising campaign by Audi, but it’s an interesting, entertaining piece despite that. So, if you’ve got 15 minutes, check it out. To find it: click “3 Filmmakers. 3 Journeys.”, then “View Films.” The one to check out is “Life As You Know It” by Kristina Robbins-Higgins.

I haven’t watched the other two films. If you do, and they’re worth checking out, leave a comment.

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