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June 21, 2005

Wiki and the L.A.Times

I recently introduced a Wiki at Oxygen, and it’s been a quite useful tool for my team. I’m convinced of wikis’ utility as “collaborative grease.” The wikipedia model of large scale use baffles me somewhat, but it does seem to function. A new experiment started on Thursday when LA Times Chief Michael Kinsley introduced the paper’s first wikitorial”:

The “Wikis,” which were first announced in a reader’s note last weekend as part of a major shakeup in the Times editorial page approach, are based on the popular Web Wikipedia – an online approach that allows users to edit entries and contribute views and facts on any subject.

It seems they had a bit of trouble, but also some very creative participation. Interesting experiment and a nice angle to the “we know best” attitude of the unsigned editorial column! via Romanesko

Update: Wiki is down. Too much goatse got ’em.

2 Responses to “Wiki and the L.A.Times”

  1. Esekla chimed in:

    We use a twiki at work. It’s pretty good for documentation, although some things are a bit annoying.

  2. TG chimed in:

    Same here, we’ve set up the “Perspective” wiki at our office for internal use. The project is going well, and I would agree that wikis are useful, even though they may occassionally get abused.

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