Luke Melia


March 1, 2005


Last Tuesday, we took our first voyage in a Zipcar. We had a brief excursion to Brooklyn planned to help the inimitable Santino celebrate his birthday, so we thought it would be a good excuse to exercise our new Zipcar membership. It was just as advertised.

The concept behind the service is this: you get the luxury of having a garaged car in New York without the hassle of ownership or garaging fees. The company has cars that live all around the city in garages. You sign up as a ZipCar member, and they send you a user account and a shiny white card. You login to their website, and reserve the car you want for as little or as long as you want it using a cool little timeline. At the time of your reservation, you show up at the garage, wave your card in front of the windshield sensor and the ZipCar unlocks itself for you! Get in. Go.

And it was literally as simple as that. This probably sounds like a commercial, but I write it because (a) it’s an environmentally friendly concept perfect for urban living, and (b) it’s so refreshing to have a company shoot straight and execute so well on their business proposition.

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