Luke Melia


January 30, 2005

A Cricket in the Court of Akbar

Andrew is a friend of a friend who I’ve met a few times at parties. Last time I saw him, we chatted about his upcoming trip to India. I gathered that he was a musician interested in Indian music.

At the time, he gave me a card with his website on it. Cleaning up my desk today, I remembered that he must be on his way to India now, and decided to take a look at the website on his card.

Turns out that Andrew, a jewish guy from Texas, is one of the world’s best sitar players! His trip to India is in part to defend his title at an annual Rajasthan-wide music and dance competition, and he’s making a documentatry of the experience. Pretty cool! Check out the trailer for A Cricket in the Court of Akbar.

What lurks behind the smile of a friendly New Yorker rarely ceases to amaze…

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