Luke Melia


December 26, 2004

Modern Love

Looking back on 2004, it’s without a doubt defined for me by one thing. And, thankfully, it’s not the presidential election…

Getting married was a great evolution of my relationship and partnership with my wife. The Times today had a piece that made me reflect on my journey to the proposal: Modern Love: Hear That Wedding March Often Enough, You Fall in Step

I do know one thing: Those 27 weddings had a lot to do with it. They were joyous, righteous, nup-tastic affairs. (As Woody Allen said about orgasms, “the worst one was right on the money.”)

The idea of putting our own personal stamp on a tradition we’ve now seen take so many shapes and forms — including but not limited to full masses, lobster bakes, white doves, exploding huppahs, gigantic soap bubbles, freezing-cold skinny dipping, and one quasi-orgy — has become more appealing, not less, with each one.

A real heartwarmer. Worth a read.

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