Luke Melia


November 28, 2004


This Thursday (December 2nd), my calendar shares the delightful news of two back-to-back Chelsea art openings by friends. First, starting at 5pm, Valerie Allard’s SuperSize opens at Pleiades:

Valerie Allard’s SuperSize … packages high culture as digestible consumer products. If a painting cannot be supersized, should it really be marketed? If history cannot be presented in entertaining, purchasable units, can it engage us?

Allard introduces new forms of art – Cigarette Art, Placemat Art, Space Saver Art – ready to bridge the ever-widening gap between fine art and modern consumer culture.

Then, from 6pm, our friend Michael Foley presents the unusual work of Thomas Allen at the new and eponymous Foley Gallery.

Maybe I’ll see you there!

One Response to “ArtFriendThursday”

  1. Tom Allen chimed in:

    Just wanted to say “THANKS” for mentioning my show at Foley Gallery (not to mention calling my work “unusual”!). The opening was a lot of fun and I hope that everyone who attended had a good time.

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