Luke Melia


November 16, 2004

Outgoing Bushie watch

Two more high-level CIA resignations yesterday. Professor and retired CIA officer Lee Strickland comments:

The recent tumult at the CIA should terrify the nation. The exodus of top, professional leadership almost amounts to a revolt against the management of the agency’s new director, Porter Goss. It’s a clear indication that Goss is headed in the wrong direction – exactly what you would expect to happen when a new administration begins to politicize the agency.

       Mr. Goss brought in his political staff from his days as chair of the House Intelligence Committee to make changes at the agency. But when Deputy Director John McLaughlin, an officer who is the ultimate professional intelligence expert, retires from the agency in disgust, it is a blow to American national security. And the rapid exit of other senior professionals offers clear evidence that nothing less than a political purge is taking place.

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